Even though we aren’t meeting in the building this Sunday, we still want to provide an engaging learning opportunity for your family. We love you and miss you!  We want to provide you the resources to continue as the Spiritual Champions in your home, in these times when we can’t be together.  BUT, we also know it’s an overwhelming time for many of you and want to keep things easy and simple for your family.  We have 3 ways for you to remain engaged with each other in new and fun ways!

Enjoy and even share with others who might be looking for alternative ways to worship with their children this week!

Kid’s Worship Experiences

(Updated every Saturday)

If you aren’t able to join us for in-person worship…we’ve still got an awesome worship experience for YOU!  It’s time for kids’ church at home!! Watch this fun video lesson with your children, then ask them how they could serve others during this challenging time. The video is in the style of a fun morning talk show for kids. And best of all, it’s designed to help your children learn and grow in their walk with. After you watch the video, click on the document link for a couple fun activities to do together…all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil! Then, all week, join us on our FACEBOOK page to keep you engaged and also give you a chance to earn prizes! Feel free to share with family and friends!

Click the button below to find an age appropriate video filled with songs, activities, and lessons that the whole family can enjoy together.

Children’s Ministry

Children’s Worship

Weekly Activities

(Posted Monday)

Follow us on FACEBOOK and be on the lookout for a fresh video every Monday, from a Bible verse to a themed lesson, the weekly focus will always change and keep you coming back for more.  Our weekly activities will also include 2 great opportunities for your family to come together during the week as well as one AMAZINGLY, FUN-FILLED, EXCITING challenge for you and your kids to complete and share with us (on social media of course) by every Saturday.  Then remember to join us every Sunday morning at 11am for our Zoom gatherings for a special prize drawing for all who completed the challenge. All prizes will be delivered to your house by our Pathways Kids team…and thats what we call a – WIN…WIN!!!!

Zoom “Face to Face” 

(Every Sunday morning at 9:00am)

Don’t miss out on this amazing, exciting, super fun and new way to connect! Join us this every Sunday for  “Face To Face” where your little one’s can gather with all their friends and Small Group Leaders, play their favorite games, and so-so-SO much more. You will Stop by our Zoom meeting room starting a 9:00am to experience all the excitement you have been missing.

Birthday Greetings

One thing we know is that kids love to get mail! We will continue to send Birthday greetings to your children and our goal is that every child will get mail from our team in the coming days. If you would like to sign your kiddo up for this special greeting please email us:

Parent Resource: Parent Cue

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