Cecile Parker Scholarship Application

This scholarship is available to current members of Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church who plan to
major in a medical profession. The applicant should also be active in church, Sunday school and/or youth activities and be a full-time student. Educational programs may include medical school, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry physical therapy, medical social work, or other related medical fields as determined by the Selection Group. The scholarships will be $500.00 per year, with reapplication yearly for a maximum of four scholarships, predicated on attendance and passing grades required for the program. Applicants will be screened by the Parker Medical Scholarship Selection Group whose decision on scholarships is final.

Please fill out all the fields below and hit submit to be considered as a candidate for this scholarship.

    If you have questions about establishing endowment funds or making a gift, please email  Jay Carr.

    Future funds can only be established with the approval of both the Foundation Board and the Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church board.