Exodus: Life As We Know It

Sometimes, God calls us to move away from an old, broken way of living so we can embrace the freedom He has for us. But if we aren’t actively listening to God, if we aren’t taking time to escape from the busyness and the noise in our lives, we just might miss out on what God is doing. In the Old Testament book of Exodus, the Israelites were desperate to hear from God. They needed to know God was still with them, that He was leading them to a place where they could thrive again according to God’s purposes. This month, we will be journeying through the first part of the book of Exodus and considering the ways God may be leading us into new directions. Each week, there is a devotional piece to incorporate into your daily time with God and prompts to guide you into a time of solitude and silence. As we move into this space with God, may we become people of God’s presence who wait, listen, and move toward God’s freedom and abundance. 

Week 1

Feb. 1 & 2
Pastor Bill Weaver

Week 2

Feb. 8 & 9
Pastor Bill Weaver

Week 3

Feb. 15 & 16
Pastor Bill Weaver

Week 4

Feb. 22 & 23
Pastor Bill Weaver