The Apostle Paul wrote his second letter to the Corinthians at a vulnerable time in his life. He had learned that the church at Corinth was struggling, and he sought to take action to preserve the unity of that local body of believers. The letter is filled with personal comments about the persecution he’d suffered for the sake of Christ as well as a mysterious thorn in the flesh that kept him reliant on God.

Chapters 8 and 9 of Paul’s letter also clearly reveal God’s plan for His people to give to others. Several realities about Christian giving become clear in these two chapters: Christians give generously according to, and at times beyond, their financial abilities; Christians give their money across racial and national lines; Christians who make commitments to give should follow through with those promises; and Christians should give cheerfully, rather than under compulsion.

While we’re asking each one of us to declare our support for the mission and ministry of Reynoldsburg UMC, the real purpose of this series is to remind us that LIVING GENEROUSLY isn’t about what the Church wants FROM us—it is
ultimately about what God wants to do FOR, IN, and THROUGH us. Our goal is to grow our FAITH and BRING LIFE to all around us.

Are you ready to live generously by sharing comfort and hope, growing in grace and sharing your gifts, and by sharing cheerfully and faithfully?

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