We want to invite you to join us in GO DEEPER—an intentional journey our congregation is taking to GROW our FAITH and GENEROSITY.

Our story is 183 years of generation after generation of Jesus-followers who heard the call of God to GO DEEPER in MISSION and CONNECT PEOPLE to JESUS and MAKE JESUS KNOWN. They have preached and taught the Gospel—helped the poor and fed the hungry—invested in children and students—sent out mission teams and visited prisons—planted churches and built buildings—supported missionaries and their ministries—helped parents disciple their children— offered grace through baptism and communion—married couples and buried loved ones—visited the sick and cared for the homebound—prayed with sinners and saints—sacrificed to GO DEEPER—and offered Jesus to ANYONE and EVERYONE.

This is our legacy.



God is calling us to come to the edge of ourselves and take a STEP of FAITH into what comes next—and as we do, we are going to DEEPEN our DISCIPLESHIP, STRENGTHEN our WITNESS, and God willing, GROW our CHURCH. We know that what God is calling us to will not happenwithout all of us. So—our goal is 100% participation. During the next five weeks, I invite you to giveyourself to this journey, and commit yourself to doing the following four things:

• commit yourself to BE PRESENT in WORSHIP;
• connect yourself to a SMALL GROUP
• be willing to come to the edge of yourself and TAKE a STEP in FAITH.

During the next five weeks, we encourage you to join us in coming to the edge of ourselves—and taking a step together to GO DEEPER in our FAITH and GENEROSITY.