In preparation for the next phase of re-opening our church building, we want to first thank you for your diligence and perseverance to make our building a place where everyone can feel safe and comfortable being together. You have helped us achieve our goal of helping our congregation re-engage in worship and other ministries safely and responsibly.

*Video updated as of May 21, 2021.

With the new guidelines from our Governor and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well as the availability of vaccines and diminished new cases have diminished, we recognize it’s time for people to make personal choices. We also know, while a great deal of us can’t wait for life to return to normal without restrictions, some of our friends aren’t quite ready for health orders to be relaxed. So let us assure you—there’s still a place for you to feel welcome and safe in our worship gatherings and in our church building for programming. Even though there’s no longer a mandate  requiring fully vaccinated people to wear a mask, anyone is welcome to continue to do so if that’s what you’re comfortable doing—for whatever reason. And for anyone wanting to maintain social distancing, we will have designated seating areas in each of our worship rooms where a safe distance can still be observed. Simply ask an usher to be seated in our “Socially Distanced Seating Area”” when you join us for worship. We’re asking everyone who sits in these special sections to please wear a mask at all times as well as maintain the distancing we have laid out. These sections will be the first to be dismissed by our ushers at the conclusion of each of our worship services. 

Many of the healthy habits we’ve adopted as a necessity will continue as common sense practice and a courtesy to others. We’ll still be practicing our thorough cleaning procedures we adopted at the start of Covid—including closing each space for an hour between uses—and our hand sanitizer dispensers will continue to available. We ask if you’re not feeling well that you please stay home. We’ve decided to keep our seat backs free of anything and not have printed materials in worship for now. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of online giving, you can continue to drop your offering in the baskets the ushers will be holding as you enter or leave. On the first Sunday of the month, we’ll continue to celebrate communion together using the all-in-one individual elements.  We’ll continue to livestream the 9:00am traditional service and the 10:30am contemporary service for our online community, and the service on demand will continue to be available on our website and mobile app through Monday each week.

Starting Sunday  May 23, other than the designated seating areas, you are welcome to sit wherever you like in worship.  If you’re the first person (or group of people) to arrive and sit in a row, please move to the middle of the row so that others can easily be seated from either end of the aisle. We also ask that you wait at the conclusion of service for those in the designated seating areas to exit the room before you’re released to fellowship with your church family—including the ability to openly gather in our lobby areas. Please, however, don’t make assumptions that everyone feels the same level of safety and comfort that you do. Always ask permission before approaching someone to greet them so there’s no surprise as to their reaction, and they can feel their comfort level was respected. Our Café will not be resuming service right away, but the tables and chairs hav been returned to that area for you to gather with others between services. If you’re interested in serving in our Café, click here to sign up.

Our Governor has asked that we continue to follow the procedures in place for classroom settings for a little while longer. Children, volunteers, and leaders in Kindergarten through 12th grade will still be required to wear masks. 4th grade and under will also continue temperature checks, and the use of hand sanitizer through June 2 during their meeting times. We will continue to evaluate these policies on a week-to-week basis. Parents may now walk their children themselves to their individual classrooms. Pick-up will continue to be at the doors by the Worship Center in the long hallway.

We know we’ve been able to take these new steps for re-opening because of the servant hearts of our church family who regularly put others above themselves. So once again, thank you and congratulations on getting us this far. In that same attitude and spirit of cooperation, let’s worship together as a church family the one who taught us best how to love and care for one another—our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Whether it’s in person or online, we can’t wait to see in worship!

We are and want to be here to help and keep you informed.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us through one of the links below.

Or call the church office (614) 866-5864.

Please note we will have limited staff coverage in the office during this time but will be returning any voice messages left as soon as we can.