Now is the time for us to determine what is most important and core to our existence as we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling the mission of Jesus.  This series is a very important step in determining what Reynoldsburg UMC will be. We’ve called the series RE-LAUNCH because in many ways we’re starting over.  During the last 8 months, we’ve learned there are things we’ve done as a church that have been convenient, but are not core to our mission of CONNECTING PEOPLE to JESUS and MAKING JESUS KNOWN.  We’ve also learned we need to be disciplined to offer our world what we alone can offer, and all we do as a church must be connected to our mission.  With this series, we are changing our membership vows to reflect the FRUITFUL PRACTICES we hope to develop in our people to read:

We promise to support the Reynoldsburg UMC by intentionally developing our faith, passionately worshipping God together, being extravagantly generous, engaging in risk-taking mission and service, practicing radical hospitality and sharing a contagious faith.

Are you willing to RE-CONNECT – RE-ENGAGE – RE-COMMIT as we RE-LAUNCH Reynoldsburg UMC together?  Take a moment and fill out the following commitment card as we enter into a new season for our church family.

    As a part of my/our RE-LAUNCH journey, I/we commit to the following:

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    MY/OUR ONE YEAR COMMITMENT: January 1 - December 31, 20201

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