Whole Health Program

Whole Health Kickoff

Are you interested in learning to eat better, handling stress better or starting to exercise? Sign up for the Whole Health Program, offered by Mount Carmel Health here at our church building, beginning Tuesday, May 1 from 5 until 6pm. The program is twelve weeks, with a discount if you enroll in all sessions, but you can also sign up for just one week at a time. Cost is $150 (individual pricing is available for each class). If interested, email John Pierce. Scholarships are available for those in need.

Here are some helpful documents to get you started!

Controlling Food Portions

Making Better Choices for Weight Loss

Take These Steps to Feel Fit!

Relaxation Techniques


Week Date Topic Price USD
1 5/1 Voluntary metabolic screening to understand your starting point 40
2 5/8 Understanding Stress and how to be stress hardy 15
3 5/15 Mindfulness 15
4 5/22 Portion Control 15
5 5/29 How to start an exercise program 15
6 6/5 Dining Out 15
7 6/12 Different types of workouts 15
8 6/19 Stretching, recovery and the importance of core strength 15
9 6/26 Meal planning
10 7/10 Reading food labels 15
11 7/17 Nutrition myths 15
12 7/24 Voluntary metabolic screening to understand your health improvements over the course of the program 40